What are Border Master Plans?

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Border Master Plans, as defined and supported by the U.S./Mexico Joint Working Committee on Transportation Planning, the Federal Highway Administration, and the U.S. Department of State are comprehensive long range plans to inventory transportation and port-of-entry (POE) infrastructure that facilitate trade and prioritize planned transportation and POE projects within a defined study area. The Plans represent binational stakeholder efforts to (i) prioritize and promote POE and related transportation projects, (ii) inform decision-making, (iii) allocate limited funding sources, and (iv) ensure continued dialogue and coordination on current and future POE and supporting transportation infrastructure needs and projects.

The benefits of Border Master Plans have been recognized by both governments of the United States and Mexico in an official initiatives list entitled U.S.-Mexico Bilateral Action Plan. To remain a viable planning tool, these Plans reflect each region’s needs, interests, and priorities. Plans are also updated and amended periodically to keep the contents and inventories current and to continue to represent the region’s vision and goals.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to the Research Supervisor Jorge Prozzi at border-master-plan[at]austin.utexas.edu